Back to London 

The first stop in London should be the TKTS to get theater tickets. Luckily the line wasn’t long, since it was raining.  But I was prepared!  I bought that rain coat a few years back because standing in line at TKTS in New York in the rain, totally soaked the coat I had packed.  After getting our tickets settled, we looked into the Museum of London to see some lesser known history.  We’d already been to the larger, more popular places 20 years ago, and didn’t feel the need to revisit, especially since I had just seen most of them again with Melissa last month.

This was my favorite spot on public transportation in London.  I grabbed it every chance I could.  The underground was faster, but the double decker buses were more fun.

It’s always nice when there’s an escalator instead of stairs. However, the ones in the underground are LONG!

We got to see two shows while we were in town.  We went to see An American in Paris (in London) at a matinee, and that night saw The Mousetrap which has been running for 65 years.  In between, we went to Chinatown for dinner with Jerry and Nancy, who we sat by at the theater.  They, too, sold their home and became transient.  They are “retired for service”, their business card says.  They are ministering to missionaries on their travels.  We’ve actually talked to 2 or 3 others who have done the same nomad life.  If we do this much longer, I will need some more purposeful activity along the way.

On our third day, we stored the luggage at the hotel, and split up.  I went to Harrod’s department store.  It’s the biggest store I’ve ever seen, and maybe the most luxurious.  I can’t say I’d really buy any of their fashions, though.  And even the food court had some interesting selections, like the salmon slice.  I had no place to sit, but if I’d been going to an apartment afterwards, I would have liked to try that. My alone time also included a trip to the Courtauld Art Institute, a small collection of Impressionist work.  Norris and I popped into the National Gallery on Traflagar Square when we met up again, before it was time to get to the train.  I checked in on the Impressionist rooms there, too.

Norris took the day to go to the Imperial War Museum.  He met two brothers there on vacation, one from London and one from Australia.  This museum is on a list of the top 10 in the world, along with the one he visited in Brussels.

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