English day trips- Osborne House and Winchester

Isle of Wight-  Osborne House and Victorian falconry.

We had already taken a trip to the Isle of Wight, to the West Cowes. This time we went to East Cowes, to Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s summer palace. Now that’s a place I wish would list on AirBnB. The dining room is in the Durbar Wing, showing her interest in India near the end of her reign. That night we went to the movie, “Victoria and Abdul” and saw the bedroom, and other scenes that were filmed at the Osborne House.  

Victorian falconry displayed at Osborne House. Not just falcons though.

For another day, we had been encouraged to go to Winchester. The cathedral was beautiful to visit and I saw the gravesite of Jane Austen.  

The Great Hall displayed King Arthur’s Round Table, which King Henry related to and enjoyed entertaining with. We didn’t get a picture of that, but we played around a bit with the costumes provided there.  

Also on the To See List was a city mill and a walk along the Itchen River to the Winnell Moors nature reserve.The walk was as beautiful as the cathedral, and we saw an LBJ (little brown jobber.). However, with out enough sleep the night before, we had to take more breaks.   

Meat pies are a staple in England, but at PieCaramba, they may not be as traditional, but even more delicious. After dinner, we attended a theater showing “Sherlock Holmes and the Crimson Cobbles” with 3 men playing all the characters. It was hilarious.  

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