Adios, Honduras

We got to have one more visit to Lake Yojoa before we left Honduras. Here, Sara and her new employee presented the plan to a school committee. And we trekked up hill once more to try to find the Quetzel. Unfortunately, the guide told us that they had flown a couple of hours walk away to another mountain. We were not ready to take that challenge.

The mall was ready for Easter. It brought many American customs, like egg hunting, that aren’t common to Honduras.

During our last week, Sara had a volunteer come to work. Since it was Sante Semana, Holy Week, the schools were on vacation, and most of the city had shut down. We could still paint at a school, though, and worked with about 15 parents to whip out murals in 9 classrooms. Sara also found an opportunity for the volunteer (and us) to work with some kids in a children’s home teaching them about dental hygiene. Norris found a friend right away. This little guy came straight up to him and said, in Spanish, “Why are you so tall?!”

We said good bye to the kids, and headed to the airport. Since it was lunchtime, we planned to stop for a bite on the way, but tried 4 restaurants and all were closed for Holy Week on Thursday. So, Sara dropped us at the airport where we were the only ones in the VIP lounge and two of the 12 passengers on our small flight to El Salvador on our way home. I had never seen such a deserted airport before during the middle of the day, and not from a late night flight. Adios, Honduras!

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