I left my heart in San Francisco

So, I came back for it. We arrived late Thursday night, March 29th. It was actually so late that it was the 30th, my birthday. But passport control didn’t even wish me a happy birthday.

We celebrated by sleeping in late, and then went to the coast for lunch at The Cliff House. We also checked in with Camera Obscura, a little known tourist place behind the restaurant. We saw this kind of 1900s camera in Scotland, and enjoyed seeing the waves from a new perspective.

We celebrated Easter the next weekend with kids and grandkids. It’s good to be back with family.

It’s also great to be back in America. I have 2 full sides of the grocery store aisle of cereal to choose from. It’s almost overwhelming.

Our current adventure is in Auburn, California. It’s an hour from family, but we wanted to experience forest living. These deer are checking out the backyard at the house we’ll be renting the next 3 months. When we aren’t watching the deer or the birds, or enjoying the nearby lake, we’ll be trying to decide our next move. Maybe Canada?

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