And then Paris

Paris called our names the next weekend. Norris, Becky and Melissa went for crepes and art and of course the scenery.

We went on a boat tour the first night to catch the city lit up.

We’d already been for delicious ice cream at Berthillon, as recommended by my French teacher.

And we’d spent our time at the Louvre that day to see Mona. We also paid a visit to Notre Dame.

Since the next morning was dry, we started our day at the Tour Eiffel.

Norris and Melissa insisted we get to the top so we rode the funicular putting our lives in the hands of this mannequin. 

The view of the base of the tower from above.

With rain approaching, the Musee d’Orsay was the next stop. After lunch. We definitely can’t enjoy art on an empty stomach.

A beautiful portrait by Renoir


I tip buskers in most cities, but these originalities really caught my eye.

The 40 min. bus ride to Montmartre kept us out of the rain. It also gave us a glimpse of Moulin Rouge without having to walk through the crowded and interesting neighborhood. We saw Sacre Coeur, but my main goal was a Fondue place that we’d been to 20 years ago with the kids. Back then, they had long picnic tables and benches. To be seated  you had to step over the table. So now it’s a tradition even though the tables pull out.  It’s also tradition to serve wine in a baby bottle.  Don’t know why for that one.

On our final day, we had to climb once more!  At the Arc de Triomphe, we asked if there was an elevator, and thought the answer was yes.

Guess not.  I did see an elevator marked “Out of Order” (in French), but I also think it was only for special occasions.

We only went to the Arc de Triomphe first that day, because rain was expected later, so we made the regular afternoon museum run.  The Musee de l’Orangerie is where Monet housed his waterlillies.  He painted his garden with the plan to share the flowers in a tranquil setting.  He wanted the paintings to provide peace for the viewers.  These were placed in two large rooms, as he directed.

I guess Paris was my favorite!  If the amount of pictures I took and saved and shared is any indication.

Au Revoir!  Bissous!

2 thoughts on “And then Paris

  1. I heard about that place! So we didn’t need to fly all this way? No, there was so much more! I’m so glad you came to see us and we finally got to Paris together.


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