Another week of work and tourism

So Sara could work with fewer interruptions, we got an English speaking taxi driver to take us to a park overlooking the capital city. A statue of Christ is at the top.

Norris likes to climb to the top of things and Becky spots the birds.

The sprawling city of Tegucigalpa. Look carefully and you’ll see the tiny airport runway that barely fits in this little mountain valley.

Here’s the city view from a park on the other side that Sara took us to. Same stadium. This park has a peace monument in the middle.

Then we went with Sara to paint again and deliver books and shelves at a small school a few hours out of town and an hour drive on a dirt rutted road.

We had a great time working together with the moms and joking around even though we didn’t speak the same language.

To celebrate our accomplishments we went a little further to a lake lodge where we relaxed while Sara made contact with two new schools that she could work with. Later we hiked with a new friend and found chocolate pods, leaf cutter ants and coffee plants.

The map was outdated and unhelpful but we didn’t stay lost for hours. Eventually we found our way out. And I got to see more cool birds.

But my favorite part was resting in the hammock, and being distracted from reading by the hummingbirds.

On the weekend we took a bird watching tour to try to see a quetzal. We didn’t see one but got to see a green toucan and several other small birds.

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