Life in Tegucigalpa

Sara’s apartment building. Fortunately she lives on the first floor.

We spent the first week here with the books.  However, we found time to treat ourselves to a French dinner at a local restaurant.  So delicious!

And we found enough free time for a puzzle with friends.

But we also had 6 hours of our first Spanish lessons. Our teacher thought we were doing so well she took us on a field trip to Santa Lucia, a small town 30 min. away. We roamed the town and enjoyed the conversation with her and a cup of chai.

A lake in Santa Lucia

Farmer’s Market in Tegucigalpa.

The hill from Sara’s apartment that leads to everywhere. It must be walked down and back up again to get to the store, the restaurants, the church.

This first week has been crazy windy and cold.   And at night the wind is so strong it sounds like a storm outside my window.  I had trouble falling asleep the first few nights.  Sara promises this will change soon.  But just in case, I did buy a jacket in Santa Lucia from the American used clothing store.  It was a Land’s End for $10 and in great shape.

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