And now….. booking it to Honduras

Norris’ article describes our daughter, Sara’s non-profit organization.  After she collected books from Chicago and Denver Scholastic Book Fairs, she needed our luggage to help transport the 250 lbs. of books that she hadn’t been able to put in her own luggage allowance.  Of course there were a few bumps along the way.  First, we had planned to bring 6 pieces of luggage based on our first class ticket and paying for one extra piece.  From a misunderstanding, we had to repack the boxes into 4 pieces of luggage!  It was not a great start, but we managed and didn’t leave anything behind.

At the LAX security, my carry on was selected for further investigation.  The books were too dense to see through.  So, I got to repack them again!!

Our first class experience was pretty nice.  The food was good, included wine, and the leg room amazing.

However, the plane got a late start.  (Probably waiting for someone to repack 6 bags into 4!). So, we were late to San Salvador and hitched a ride on an airport buggy- those ones with the beep, beep, beep.  But we still missed the connection and had to ride all the way back to the airline desk.  There we were told that they would put us in a hotel for the night and we could catch the morning plane to Honduras.  We were not excited until we saw the Quality Hotel that was actually quality.  They also gave us a ticket for the buffet dinner.

A short night’s rest prepared us enough for the 8:00 flight.  It was good that we left early enough because for some reason, we had to go through two security checkpoints.  Shoes off, shoes on.  Shoes off again, shoes on again.

We arrived in Tegucigalpa to discover we were short one of the bags!  After waiting in a line of a dozen people waiting to deal with one clerk, we got the paperwork to check the next day for the suitcase.  It was that troublesome bag full of books that I was supposed to carry on, but got gate checked.  But at least we aren’t missing any clothes to wear.

For our first meal in Honduras, Sara took us to Denney’s.  It was a really nice place with better food than you might think of at Denney’s.

She has a beautiful apartment and put me to work as soon as we arrived.

To feel more at home, we walked to the nearby shopping area and got macarons.  Then for dinner, Sara fixed us a “typico” meal of tortillas, beans, pork, and avocado.

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