Home for the Holidays, the Boomerang kids

In the tradition of Boomerang kids, we joined the ranks by returning home to my Dad’s house!  We had no home to return to unlike most people who come back from vacation, because we hadn’t been on vacation. A friend said we were boomerang kids now, those college graduates who return to the parents’ home. Yep, that was us. We stayed at my dad’s house in a large bedroom with an ensuite, and shared the kitchen and living areas. Of course, since he’s dad, we shared food, conversation, and more than just renting a bedroom from an AirBnB.  

Arriving home for Thanksgiving was a bit unusual.  I had no kitchen of my own to use to contribute to the meal.  After years and years of my mom hosting Thanksgiving, I had taken over the responsibilities the last 10 years or so, and then I passed it to my sister last year after moving from our McMansion into the mobile home.  Since she was ready to carry on again this year, that made it easier.  And as tradition demands, we went to Apple Hill the next day.  I hadn’t had any apple fritters like that in Europe!

We spent the California segment of our life going to Dr. appointments, running errands, and meeting up for lunches and dinners with our friends.  One day, because we were gone so often, my dad said he didn’t realize we had so many friends.
We also enjoyed our grandsons and took several outings including the Winter Wonderland light display at Cal Expo.  

MaraFun run with the gang

Monterey Bay trip

Having the holidays, but no base, was difficult for me.  I baked cookies at my sister’s, and my dad’s, and a friend’s house where we housesat the week of Christmas.  They hadn’t put up a tree, but let me come ahead of time and set up my own Christmas tree so I could host an early Christmas Day with my family.   

A quick trip to Southern California connected us with Norris’ mom, sister and brother in law, and my aunt and uncle, cousins, and friends.  We tried to get our fill of American restaurants before heading off again.  California was definitely a wonderful destination!

As usual,  trying to put back all the things that exploded from our suitcases was a bit stressful.  Even after all the moves, I don’t have that down yet.    

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