Stairs and steps in Europe

The sights we wanted to see in Europe were always at the top of the stairs.  Every castle, fort, and cathedral had a tower to climb to see an amazing view.  We had to climb stairs to our AirBnB beds.  Stairs were the only way to the different floors of the museums.  Here’s a collection of some of the steps we took.  The variety of material and design are surprising.  When I remembered where I took the picture I added a caption.  

To the top of the waterfall in Iceland

Age old staircase.

Melissa at Kensington Palace in London.

The Louvre

Train Station in Brussels

The Round Tower in Copenhagen

HMS Victory, Portsmouth, England

Ferry stairs

Courtauld Gallery, London

Oh, no! Twice the stairs!

Salisbury Cathedral, on the tower tour

Musical steps at Camera Obscura, in Scotland

Each step led to adventure!

2 thoughts on “Stairs and steps in Europe

  1. What a clever way to show all the stairs to showcase your tours. It has been great following your adventures.
    Still thinking about Appalachian Trail for 2018?


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