It’s time to go home. But how? We hadn’t bought a round trip ticket when we left in July. We had originally thought we’d catch a space available flight home from Germany. We had saved about 10 days to return to the Schengen area, to go to the American Air Force base in Germany and wait for a flight. But while we were in Southampton, Norris noticed the cruise ships coming and going, and thought, why don’t we do that instead? So, after visiting the Titanic museum, we went to a travel agent and booked a transatlantic cruise to get us back to the states.

We were sick the whole time we were in Edinburgh and it hadn’t gone away yet. But when we were given the health forms, we just checked no about having a cold. So, then we were super self conscious with every cough or sneeze, and ended up staying in our room more often than not. Besides, we were still sleeping a lot. We also ate at the buffet instead of the dining room, so we could get in and out quickly. A visit to the clinic and using the nebulizer turned things around for Norris. I had started feeling better a few days sooner.  

In spite of our illness, Norris still managed to take the all access tour behind the scenes. I joined in a Motown music quiz, and we both tried Wines around the World.  

Norris offered his services as a chaplain, and led 4 prayer services. They have a lovely Sky Chapel on board, just for worship. He also participated in the Remembrance Day service and read his story about how to thank a Vet.  His part really added to the service, which also included Taps and a couple of poems, scripture, and a prayer.  

Eating lobster on formal night.

One night we ate at a speciality restaurant and witnessed a murder! Dinner mystery theater.

By the time we crossed the ocean (7 days) and reached Boston, we were feeling a little better. We wandered around Boston a bit, ate clam chowder, and ended up at the JFK presidential library.   It was very impressive.  

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