Sweden and Denmark 

We left the left sided streets of Ireland and flew into Copenhagen.  There I had the following conversation:

Passport control officer at airport:  Where are you headed?

Becky:  Um, where am I now?

Officer: Copenhagen

Becky:  Oh, that’s right.  I’m going to Sweden.

And the officer let me go.

Driving the rental car there on the right side of the road was a dream come true.  Our Air BnB was located in Falsterbo, Sweden, right across the bridge from Denmark, and on Sunday, we drove back over to see the Little Mermaid statue, Hans Christian Anderson’s statue, and to go to church.  We spent the whole day in Copenhagen.

Hans Christian Anderson and I, thinking things over.

This is named the Round Tower, and of course, we had to climb to the top for the view.  Fortunately, it was a circular ramp, instead of steps for once.

On the Stroget (the little square), was a pedestrian street with statues, gift shops and treats.

Yes, those are churros buried with ice cream and syrup, and yes, we got one.  I took a picture of Tivoli Gardens because everyone said we should visit there.  However, they were closed to prepare for Halloween.

Monday, we didn’t do much.  We had a late start because we can’t do tourist things everyday.  There’s also laundry, dishes, and planning.  But we did head out after lunch to a nearby museum which we found would close an hour after we arrived.  We decided to save it for Wed. which had a rainy forecast.  We used the restrooms, and then drove around trying to find something to do for the day.  I told Norris I needed him to shop with me because I didn’t bring my purse with me.  Two hours later, we both remembered going back into the house to get it!  I thought back and figured it was probably in the museum bathroom.  However, the museum hours were past.  We went back anyway, hoping to catch security.  Lucky for me, there was a special event and my purse had been turned in.  I was able to sleep that night after all.

Looking at the Denmark side of the water, after crossing the bridge.  However, you may notice, as I did, that the land doesn’t connect all the way across.  And the bridge is finished already.  But, no worries, the tunnel straight ahead, goes right under the water.

For Norris’ birthday on Tuesday, we drove across that bridge/tunnel, and headed north along the Denmark coast.  We stopped at Helsingør and visited the Kronborg Castle.

Kronborg castle

Norris is posing as Holger danske, the great giant sleeping in the casemates waiting to protect Denmark when needed.

I had to let Norris go ahead without me in the tunnels under the castle.  So we got pictures of below and above.

The ferry took us across to Sweden to stop at Helsingborg.

I got one more view of the Kronborg Castle from the ferry.
In Helsingborg, we found a dessert place and tried a chocolate ball that Sara had recommended.  Wonderful!!  We were right down the street from the town hall.

Town hall in Helsingborg

What could this mean? Nothing is not allowed?

Back to the Malamo museum on Wednesday as planned for the weather.  A WWII submarine was displayed from 1943.  You don’t usually see a submarine totally out of the water and the size is immense.
The museum also had a little art, a little natural history, a little science, a little aquarium, a little castle.  It was also the site of a refugee camp after WWII.  The white buses marked from the Red Cross brought people out of the concentration camps and to the castle for hospital care and temporary shelter.  Quite the collection.

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