We took a 2 hr. train into the Netherlands and stayed for 3 days in Amsterdam. 

It is a crazy busy city!  Pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, and bicylists are all going every which way.  The safest way is on the canals on a boat.  But we enjoyed ourselves, and looked both ways to cross the streets and didn’t get knocked down.  

The funniest thing, was when we got back to our apt. in Brussels, we felt like we were home again.  It’s become familiar enough now.  

A Dutch pancake comes with syrup!

I couldn’t get a great picture, but this is a 3 level bike parking lot. 

Norris used a treadmill and computer to get the best style of running shoe for his stride. 

And now testing the shoes, which work great, but he still has to be alert to the morning commuters. 

He could’ve had these shoes instead. 

This barge has a claw working to dredge up bikes and motorcycles that go over the edge.

We took a bus out to the countryside to see a few working windmills. 

And each evening we climbed 3 flights of steps to our air bnb apt. overlooking a restaurant row. 

We spent a few hours at the Van Gogh museum but didn’t get any pictures there. It is a beautiful place that tells his story well. The irises and sunflowers were there, and several self portraits, but Starry Night is at the MOMA in New York. (Which we bypassed unfortunately.)

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