Hunting and Gathering

 Planning meals has never been my favorite thing to do and here it’s even harder.  However, we’re getting the hang of it, so we don’t go out for pain de chocolate for breakfast, durums for lunch and Lapin for dinner every day.  (Pastries, wraps, and rabbit.).  We are a 10-15 min. walk from a couple of major size grocery stores, but they are still small for the suburban perspective.  For example, there’s only half of one side of the aisle for cereal. 

We bought a cart to haul our groceries even when we take a bus.

Luckily there’s a farmer’s market down the street on Saturdays.

The Coke obsession is getting to me. It’s hard to even find a Pepsi in a restaurant.

So I pick up a couple when I can find the tiny selection at the store.

This find made the next picture possible.

Tacos made at home. With Pepsi!

Of course there’s never a problem finding dessert. 

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