Ittre, Belgium

The first day we drove through Ittre to our friends’ house I was so excited to see this shop in walking distance. The words say, “patissier, boulanger, chocolatier and glacier.”  I had immediate plans of walking into town daily to have a pastry, a croissant, a chocolate or an ice cream. The next day I hurried off for a “walk”, with my motives in place. I was so disappointed to read the closed sign on the door that told the owners would be on vacation until after I’ve already left this small town.

But we did have the fun of seeing a Volkswagen car show one Saturday. I found several similar ones to my beloved 1963 that I drove in my teens. And there was even a bounce house and a stroller!

And Norris keeps up his running. He went along with our friend’s group.

And Becky used the aqua bike for her exercise.  

3 thoughts on “Ittre, Belgium

  1. So many cool pictures! VW power!
    I’ve never seen an “aqua bike”. Is it really meant to go in the water?
    I don’t know the Waterloo song, and the stairs you had to climb looked very challenging. Yikes! Can’t wait to see Belgium in person!!

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