Settling in a bit more

We’ve been here 4 days now and are becoming more comfortable with the eating schedule (dinner around 8:30), the roads, the language, the prices.  
The family we’re staying with has been very helpful.  We went to a mall on Saturday and got the telephone situated.  We also saw a huge elevator that raised a “bathtub” to take a boat from one level of the canal to another level.  It was designed by Eiffel; yes, the same as the man who made the tower.  

On Sunday, we attended Lifepoint church, so we could meet the faith community we expect to be part of these next few months.  The service is bilingual, so we can continue to learn French, but still feel comfortable with speaking English.  The associate pastor took us to see the Grand Place, but there was so much there, we will have to return.  It was only a sneak preview. 

We visited the “smallest city in the world” – Durbuy, on Monday.  It was a cute little place with old stone buildings and a beautiful park around it.  

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